Private Twitter Account: Keep Out!


Private Twitter Account: Keep Out!

This post was hard for me to write, but I ended up wading through the mud and challenging myself. Now that I have experience with a public twitter account, I can say that I like it better overall. But not having “set my tweets free” at the time I was writing this, I was still struggling to see the benefits. At the time I didn’t have the language to describe this “de-privatizing” process as a personal branding benefit, but that’s essentially exactly what it is.


Let a Toddler Show You How to Tie Your Shoes


Let a Toddler Show You How to Tie Your Shoes

This post was written right after I sat in on a social media seminar held by Roundpeg’s marketing gurus. I didn’t think I would learn anything about Facebook or twitter since I’ve navigated through these sites thousands of times while procrastinating on homework. I was definitely wrong. My generation seems to think we know social media like the back of our hand. And we do in a way that I can usually predict which of my friends will retweet something I post. But working social media for a company is much different. You have to grasp the numbers involved and the overall strategy.

Notes from a Rookie


Notes from a Rookie

This post seems so long ago! I enjoy looking at it months later and seeing where my writing was. I adapted very well at Roundpeg, and one of the first things I learned that’s mentioned in this blog post still stands true: people like personality. Being afraid to be who you are is not only selling yourself short, but the people around you too.