Press Release – Roundpeg Receives WBE Certification


Press Release – Roundpeg Receives WBE Certification

I wrote a few press releases while at Roundpeg as well. This one celebrates Roundpeg’s Women Business Enterprise certification!


4 Effective Ways You Could Be Using Facebook


4 Effective Ways You Could Be Using Facebook

This post was written specifically for HVAC specialists looking to do a little social media work. I would definitely argue, though, that most (if not all) of these points could apply to any business in any industry. It all comes down to your own favorite company pages on Facebook.

Let a Toddler Show You How to Tie Your Shoes


Let a Toddler Show You How to Tie Your Shoes

This post was written right after I sat in on a social media seminar held by Roundpeg’s marketing gurus. I didn’t think I would learn anything about Facebook or twitter since I’ve navigated through these sites thousands of times while procrastinating on homework. I was definitely wrong. My generation seems to think we know social media like the back of our hand. And we do in a way that I can usually predict which of my friends will retweet something I post. But working social media for a company is much different. You have to grasp the numbers involved and the overall strategy.

Notes from a Rookie


Notes from a Rookie

This post seems so long ago! I enjoy looking at it months later and seeing where my writing was. I adapted very well at Roundpeg, and one of the first things I learned that’s mentioned in this blog post still stands true: people like personality. Being afraid to be who you are is not only selling yourself short, but the people around you too.