Roundpeg in the Rearview


Roundpeg in the Rearview

Last post as a Roundpeg intern! It truly was an experience I can look back on and say that no class has ever taught me that much. Sitting at that corner desk made me blatantly aware of my strengths and weaknesses, in a good way.


Private Twitter Account: Keep Out!


Private Twitter Account: Keep Out!

This post was hard for me to write, but I ended up wading through the mud and challenging myself. Now that I have experience with a public twitter account, I can say that I like it better overall. But not having “set my tweets free” at the time I was writing this, I was still struggling to see the benefits. At the time I didn’t have the language to describe this “de-privatizing” process as a personal branding benefit, but that’s essentially exactly what it is.

Let a Toddler Show You How to Tie Your Shoes


Let a Toddler Show You How to Tie Your Shoes

This post was written right after I sat in on a social media seminar held by Roundpeg’s marketing gurus. I didn’t think I would learn anything about Facebook or twitter since I’ve navigated through these sites thousands of times while procrastinating on homework. I was definitely wrong. My generation seems to think we know social media like the back of our hand. And we do in a way that I can usually predict which of my friends will retweet something I post. But working social media for a company is much different. You have to grasp the numbers involved and the overall strategy.

Notes from a Rookie


Notes from a Rookie

This post seems so long ago! I enjoy looking at it months later and seeing where my writing was. I adapted very well at Roundpeg, and one of the first things I learned that’s mentioned in this blog post still stands true: people like personality. Being afraid to be who you are is not only selling yourself short, but the people around you too.

Public Relations Campaign Proposal (Sample)


Girls Inc. Campaign Proposal (PDF)

Above is the PDF for a sample public relations proposal that I did as a major class project in the spring of 2012. For the introductory PR class, groups of five or six were assigned. I volunteered to be the project leader and our group chose the Girls Inc. chapter of Monroe County to represent. Along with most other members of my group, I spent seemingly countless hours writing and organizing the proposal. We ended up getting an A on the project, so all the hard work was worth it in the end!

First Day on the Job


First Day on the Job

Literally within five minutes of showing up on my first day at Roundpeg in Indianapolis, I was given my first assignment. I was told that every intern had to write a blog post about themselves that would be posted on the website. So, I sat at my corner desk for the very first time and tried to crank out a couple hundred words. I’ve been told, and those people weren’t lying, that one of the hardest things to write about is yourself. This is what I came up with.

Herbie: A Service Dog in Training


Herbie: A Service Dog in Training

I completed this video project for my visual communications class in the fall of 2011. I focused on an organization called ICAN, which stands for the Indiana Canine Assistant Network. I gathered my material on-sight at the headquarters in Indianapolis, and put together the final video using Final Cut Pro. Although this kind of video shooting and editing isn’t my strong suit, I enjoyed creating this project because I felt a great sense of achievement when it was completed!